Rainbow Spaghetti

Push up your sleeves, it’s time for some oh-so-slimey messy play with a big pile of rainbow spaghetti! Talk about a sensory experience! That squishy feeling and those colors! I just can’t! The prep was surprisingly easy too. Just cook up some spaghetti, let it cool, separate into ziplock bags (1 per color), add gel food coloring, a few splashes of vinegar, and shake it all up until your desired color is achieved! The longer you let the bag sit, the more vibrant your colors will be.  We also rinsed the colored spaghetti in cold water before we started playing to take off any excess dye.  Seriously all, this one is a must try! It’s SO fun and there are so many different ways to play with it.


Snip, snip! Using scissors requires fine motor skills, coordination and hand strength...making it a tricky task for some toddlers to master.  Cutting spaghetti is a fun and inviting way for your little one to play and practice all at once.



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