Baby Dino Sensory Kit *Toddler Friendly*
Let Them Eat Cake And Play!

Baby Dino Sensory Kit *Toddler Friendly*

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Stomp, stomp, stomp...Baby Dino is here to stay!

Each baby friendly sensory kit will include the following themed items for your little one to explore and enjoy:

- Sensory box w/ lid for play and storage 

- 3 soft sponges 

- 1 large scoop 

-1 green sensory mit  

-Silicone cupcake liners  

- 6 textured rings 

-3 mini sensory bottles (glued shut)

-1 mini shovel 

-Large dino egg (open & close or roll it around!) 

-Colorful scarf for music/movement games & play (think peak-a-boo!)

- Touch & Feel Baby Dino board book


Tips and Tricks for introducing baby to the wonderful world of sensory play:

*Use safe/age appropriate materials

*Teach, model and practice appropriate sensory bin use and play

*Supervise, interact & engage with your child during playtime

*Check your mini sensory bottles frequently- the seal of your bottles should be tight at all times for safety and mess-free exploration


Notes: Colors and contents will vary from photos shown