*Individual* Sensory Boxes
*Individual* Sensory Boxes
Let Them Eat Cake And Play!

*Individual* Sensory Boxes

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Navigating our new normal in the classroom with *individual* sensory boxes:

Continue to provide your students with the many therapeutic and developmental benefits of sensory play, but with an individualized approach. Our goal is to decrease cross contamination as much as possible while still providing your children with much needed multi-sensory input and play. 

***Minimum Order*** 5 Boxes

Use code SCHOOL to save 15% on your order of 10 or more sensory boxes.

We LOVE busy, little hands but they do come with their share of germs. Because of this, many of the new guidelines under COVID-19 are completely eliminating *shared* sensory experiences and activities. While these regulations are being put into place for a reason (health and safety), our kids are still taking a hard hit across many different levels. Our sensory boxes are a wonderful option if you are in the position to provide your students with *individual* sensory play. Since we are focusing this model around schools and centers, there is a *** Minimum Order of 5 boxes***

You will receive the following sensory materials inside a 14 x 8.25 x 4 plastic box (perfect for personalized storage and individual play). 

* A blank label for personalization and to protect against cross contamination

* 3 bags of Rainbow Rice- approx. 2 lbs (colors will vary)

* 1 fine motor sensory tool (washable)

* Gems & jewels- assorted colors (washable)

* 2 clear containers for collecting (washable)

* 3 silicone cupcake liners for collecting (washable)

*BONUS PLAY* included in each box

*1 Individual pack of Wikki Stix  (use the lid of your box as your tray!) to twist, stick and build

* 1 container of playdough (colors will vary)

Please note:

*Lid colors will vary: teal blue/white 

*Monitor each child's individual box and change out fillers and tools as needed for cleanliness

*We encourage you to wash what you can, toss what needs to be tossed and reuse the rest for individual sensory projects (gluing, personal sensory bottles, arts & crafts)