Scented Markers
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Scented Markers

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Why we love ✨ SCENTED MARKERS ✨ 
Scented markers are an incredible addition to your sensory tool box and provide your child with multiple therapeutic & developmental benefits:
  • Pack of 12 Fine Line Markers
  • Bright & Vibrant Colors 
  • Silly Scents-
  • Perfect for boosting memory & providing a sense of calm and playfulness to an anxious or stressed child. *Smells are linked to the regions of the brain that process emotion and associative learning*
  • Improved fine motor strength- Children need strong hands and fingers for a wide range of day-to-day activities in school and play.
  • Finger Isolation- Important for fine motor dexterity and functional tasks. 
  • Eye Hand Coordination- An essential fine motor skill needed for numerous functional tasks. 
  • Creativity, Imagination & Art  
 Take the stress out of teaching and discover a new way to build skills and foster sensory development... ✨ PLAY IS THE WAY ✨