Zoo Sensory Kit *Toddler Friendly*
Zoo Sensory Kit *Toddler Friendly*
Zoo Sensory Kit *Toddler Friendly*
Let Them Eat Cake And Play!

Zoo Sensory Kit *Toddler Friendly*

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Let’s go to the zoo!

Are you looking to take the guess work out of what's safe for baby and what's not? There's a baby friendly sensory bin ready and waiting for you. Bright colors, textures, shapes and more. Ignite the simple nature of play through your baby's eyes (ears, nose, mouth, fingers and toes too!). 

Each baby friendly sensory kit will include the following themed items for your little one to explore and enjoy:

-Sensory box w/ lid for play and storage 

- Textured sponge

- Animal friends

- 3 mini sensory bottles (glued shut) 

- Silicone cupcake liners 

-Large scoop

-Tiger friend puppet 

-Shredded paper 

-Colorful scarf for music/movement games & play (think peak-a-boo!)

-Touch & Feel At The Zoo board book


Tips and Tricks for introducing baby to the wonderful world of sensory play:

*Use safe/age appropriate materials

*Teach, model and practice appropriate sensory bin use and play

*Supervise, interact & engage with your child during playtime

*Check your mini sensory bottles frequently- the seal of your bottles should be tight at all times for safety and mess-free exploration


Notes: Colors and contents will vary from photos shown