Valentine Sensory Play Ideas

Valentine Sensory Play Ideas

Happy Heart Day! That's right, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Here's our sensory line up to keep your little ones entertained all February long. 


Throw in whatever you have on hand and have fun. Change up the textures and colors and watch as your child exercises his/her senses. Sensory play is a fun and easy way to keep your little ones engaged; especially during these long, cold winter days.

 Our IKEA Flisat table gets quite the work out this time of year. A playful, heart-day extravaganza one day and a pink/red party the next. Flower petals, pom poms, hearts and more. 


Chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) are such a fun sensory filler! (Side note: I will be adding these as a sensory filler option on our website SO soon!).
First of all, they are a great shape for little hands to roll around, scoop & pour. They also have some weight to them and a cool, bumpy texture. 
I also love that they can be dyed any color of the rainbow OR used all natural as we did here! They look so pretty against the pink and red 💕

Rainbow Rice: No holiday is complete without a vibrant batch of rainbow rice.  Scoop & pour the day away with shades of pink and red. 

Silk Flower Petals: 



Heart prints with folded toilet paper rolls. Need I say more!? 

Give your broken crayons a facelift with a silicone mold and a hot oven! Not only do these come out so pretty but those little fingers/hands will get a complete work out from all the paper peeling! 



 ♥️Heart candy structures ♥️ 




Don't let the holiday pass you by without experimenting in the kitchen with different Valentine’s Day treats and snacks. Who can resist breakfast with a theme? Certainly not me! 




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