Ready, Set, PLAY!

Hi, all!  Let Them Eat Cake And Play! is about embracing childhood and letting our kids be kids (without all the bells, whistles and batteries).  I’m a kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom to three handsome boys and I absolutely LOVE sharing the *simple* nature of play with others.

Looking to skip the prep on your end? There's a sensory kit ready and waiting for you!  Each one of our themed sensory kits provides multiple opportunities for play-based learning and sensory exploration: an important part of child development and an open invitation to play, make and do. Surprise the little ones in your life with one of our pre-designed sensory kits or customize your own by selecting favorite colors, textures, toys and trinkets. Promote creativity, ignite imagination and give the gift of play. Perfect for birthdays, holidays or just because. They're only little push up your sleeves, stimulate those senses and let them play (and eat some cake too!). 


What Is Open-Ended Play?

Sensory Play:  Any activity that stimulates one or more of your child's five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing

Loose Parts Play: A specific type of play that utilizes small pieces and parts for your child to use in a non-structured way. Move, build, take apart, carry, count, line up and create!

Small World Play: Imaginative/dramatic play with small trinkets and toys that encourages imagination, creativity and wonder. In small world play, children can take on different roles, act out real world situations/play scenarios in a self-guided manner.

What Are The Benefits?

* Enhances creativity & imagination

*Provides cognitive growth & higher order thinking

*Promotes speech/language development with the use of descriptive words (wet, dry, soft, bumpy, smooth, shiny, sticky, etc.)

*Develops social interactions- work together, play together, solve tasks and problem solve

* Strengthens fine motor skills with the use of playful (and often non-conventional) sensory tools- pinching, grasping, pouring, scooping

*Can regulate emotions/behaviors/anxiety

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